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Ringtone layed on pile of cushions and blankets, being halfly covered in one. He was half awake, just didn't want to move. Infact, he wanted to go back to sleep right now. It was so warm and cozy.... Something started to move under the blanket. Ring opened his right optic lazy, watching how a sparkling crawled from under it, and pressed against his chest. A faint smile rised up, and Ring petted sparklings helm gently.
"Hi there Flamekick... Couldn't sleep?", he talked to the grey and red bot, that only made gargle in return, nuzzling against a little. Now if only the other one would've been so nice... Blue and grey one crawled under the blanket and tried to get away to explore the world. Ringy moved his hand, placing it on top of the run away and pulled him gently back.
"A a a... Naughty. It's time to sleep ClawStrike.", he then muttered. ClawStrike wriggeled little as an protest, but soon calmed down, and snuggeled against his twin. Ring smiled again, and pulled the blanket over them bit better. Now if only DB would be here... Then the little "lion"family would be complete, if you didn't count in the clones who were running in the cloneden again...

(( Yes, the two sparklings are now out! Flamekick is tad older, and ClawStrike younger.… there's the pic if someone is interested ))
  • Listening to: Meows of the twins
  • Playing: With Twins
  • Drinking: energon <3


Ringtone-TF's Profile Picture
My name, is Ringtone. I'm a neutral transformer, grown up on distant planet. I was a decepticon there at one point, but...
I was foolish, trusting a decepticon.

Now I live as a neutral. I had a team too, at one point, but I left them. I'm just slowing them down like this.

I was trained to be a medic, but thanks to my half-predacon-coding, I'm not afraid to fight a single opponent with my speed and claws. My strenght lies in speed, nose, and my eyesight, helping me see far further than any other transformer.

My alt-mode is heavy, somewhat futuristic streetbike.

Sparkmate :icondecepticon-databite:
Big Brother: :icondogicrimson:
Sister: :iconfangirlmary:
Adoptive father: :icontf-sides:

(( Character and pictures are drawn by :icondogicrimson: ))

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Happy Birthday! :party:
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Hey Ringtone, I miss you and happy birthday a week early. :hug:
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Hey it's me patches -tf remember me . I came back to deviant art
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* a small pokemon that was a red and black umbreon was following behind you then she jumps to your shoulder and licks your face right cheek then she snuggles up to you with her soft fur head and you can tell she likes you alot*
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hi I'm macha nice to meet you
TF-Sides Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
your getting so old ;A; daddy so proud
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Hey Ringtone X3 Hows it going?
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Hey Ringy, whenever you get the chance, I tagged you in a journal! [link]
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Hi ringtone, long time no see. ^^
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